Wednesday, 15 June 2011

An apology.... of sorts.

What can I say? I know I know it has been far to long but you can rest assured that I have plenty to tell you all. My excuse... wait, wait in fact my explanation is I started a new job a few weeks back and haven't had a moment to myself to think let alone write something down.
I managed to be fortunate enough to be whisked off to Athens on my second week at work (very lucky I know) and with it being quite an iconic company that I now work for it was of course time for an outfit or two too dazzle my new employers. Here is one of the looks I went for......

The shoes are from the previous blog and are now in need of another shine. Shirt is from one of my first ever posts on here and is a made to measure number from my second best brand Gieves and Hawkes. Jumper and trouser's from our friend across the water Ralph Lauren, blazer was made by a good friend of mine who should be launching his own label but needs some encouragement (don't worry I am on it). Last but most certainly not least the holdall is by Tods, my favourite purchase of all time and has been through a lot with me over the years.
As you can see I was not exactly dressed for the beach so I striped down to the chinos and rolled the cuffs up and went for a little dip. The water, unfortunately, was colder than Redcar beach in the middle of January so I wasn't in there for long!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Look what we have here...

Remember these poor old things

That's right they are the made to measure tassel loafers that I loved that much I decided to hurt them. Well they always say you hurt the ones you love and that was more than true for this pair of shoes. I took it upon myself to repair the fractious relationship between us both and shipped them off to where they came from Gieves and Hawkes on Savile Row, to see if some counselling would help them. In the form of Dr Justin FitzPatrick, he isn't a real doctor I don't think, the shoes met a shoulder to cry on and take solace from the mean and brutal treatment they had received. The results?

As you can see they look a lot better for a bit of tender loving care and now I am as happy as larry because I practically have a new pair of shoes. Dr Justin will take on any shoes from any brand but he works from his station in Number 1 Savile Row. The services on offer are either the Gieves special shine for £10 or the Gieves milatry shine for £20 which makes your dancers look like they are made from glass (glass I tell you). I went with the special shine as these are loafers and are meant to be informal. With the previous finish being a camel colour and the shoes now looking more like a chestnut shade, there are some patches of mottled effect but to me this gives the shoes a more antique feel. When I went in there a chap had just given him 6 pairs of John Lobb shoes to shine up to a military spec so he has his work cut out.
I am now looking forward to wearing these for the first time. If I only had a special occasion to wear them too? Whats that love we need some milk......

Friday, 6 May 2011

All white now.

As I have mentioned in a previous post blazer buttons are great way to put a different spin an outfit. In Wednesdays musing I mentioned I was wearing a navy blue blazer with white mother of pearl buttons and didn't put a picture up. Forgive me as I posted that from sitting on the edge of the bed whilst the better half was walking around trying to find something to wear and I was summoned to iron some clothes for her. After working on The Row my ironing skills are a gift but also a burden sometimes. Anyway here is a close up shot of the point I am trying to make.

The jacket is a navy textured wool from the old Gieves by Gieves and Hawkes range and must be 4 years old now. Originally part of a suit but I wrecked the trousers, naturally, so changed the buttons to these so I had something a little more casual in the jacketing department. The white shine coming through is the lining from underneath as the cloth is so loosely woven it shows through on photos. Trust me it doesn't show through in real life (I know this is real life but you get what I mean).
But look at these....

Hotfooting along Savile Row yesterday afternoon I spotted these two rather eye catching jackets. Not quite so sure about the ties on display here but the jackets are lovely and as we can see white buttons. Note how the white in the shirt links in nicely with the white buttons, but this also could be done with a white pocket square or a white collar and cuff shirt.
I think that Willem Alexander, Prince of Orange could have maybe got away with the one on the right for the royal wedding, that teamed with an electric blue trouser?
Lastly but by no means least here is one of my all time favourite brands, Hackett. I had the misfortune of having to fly from Stansted airport last month and when I got through security and the horror of the departure lounge was thrust upon me, it was with great relief that I noticed Hackett had opened a mini shop there. My forty five minute wait flew by as ohhhhed and ahhhed over the fantastic collection that was in there. I stumbled upon this natty piece

Patch pockets, three button cuff and a notch lapel which all work well and as we can see white buttons. On this shot they have tied in the white button with the white stripe in the shirt and set it all off with the slightly off white pocket square. I love this jacket and might have to go and buy it or do I need another blazer? Yes of course I need another blazer, because a man  can never have to many.
Until next time, toodle pip.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flower power

I was feeling a little "I need to be a bit different" at the weekend so I wracked my brains on what to do. Now granted not all people dress like I do, cream trousers and a pocket square would be more than enough for some, but I felt like I had to go one step further. 

The perfect way to cheer up an outfit is a flower in the lapel buttonhole. Some say that a pocket square and a flower is too much but what do they know? Always pick a fresh flower, of course, and something that co-ordinates with the outfit like my white orchid here. This outfit comprises of navy wool blazer with white mother of pearl buttons, white shirt, cream gaberdine trousers, sky blue socks and tan brogues.

Sky blue cotton socks nicely tie in with the mosaic effect in the pocket square in the first shot. The beard is optional of course. I do apologise for this picture it was taken outside a soho pub at the weekend but I thought I should share it with you all. 

Tara for now.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

That wedding those people had

Alright, everyone how are we feeling? Long weekend that one wasn't it? Seems like Will and Cath getting hitched was ages ago but sifting through the style debris one thing that caught my eye over everything else was Mr Beckham's choice of shirt.

Now we all know that Becks isn't shy of getting his "tats" out but isn't it a shame when he is invited to the biggest wedding off the century and finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place: get his neck tattoos out and face the tut tutting of the landed gentry or wear a high necked wing collared shirt and... well get tutted at by the landed gentry once more. This shirt is more akin to white tie affairs not weddings and although David comes ever so close to pulling it off it just doesn't sit right at a wedding does it? His lovely smily wife would of had a lot of input in this I suspect but that again drags up the "don't let the Mrs dress you, dress yourself" quandary. This whole outfit is Ralph Lauren purple label and not Tom Ford as many thought. Perfect length of the tails on the jacket and spot on break in the front of the trouser. The O.B.E finishes it off nicely as well just a shame about those tattoos and I am talking from experience here.
A last note on how happy his Mrs looks as well, aww so warm and approachable isn't she?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My mate

Owns this rather cool tailoring company. Since striking out on his own, about a year ago now, he has come such a long way in a rather small space of time. We both cut our teeth together on Savile Row Mr Newell was there sometime before I came along but we instantly had a connection and knew that we had our own ambitions to go elsewhere and make our own mark on the tailoring world.
The latest in a long line of Soho tailoring houses that offer that little something different from The Row, Newell Bespoke is a company that makes sure the customer is always right working with them to get the perfect fit, cut and combination of cloth and lining. Have a look at just some of the pieces Newell has managed to conjure up.

Sky linen blazer with mother of pearl buttons
Newell Bespoke is one company that delivers what it promises (Mr Newell once flew to Italy and back in one day to collect a customers suit as he needed the next day, now that is service), which at the end of the day, is what its all about. Mr Newell has his own personal style, something that is quite different to mine but one thing you cannot say about him is he is badly dressed. The man is as sharp as a dart and in my opinion the best dressed Soho dandy.

Soho gangster chic this one.

So gentleman of London (or anywhere else for that matter) next time you are after a suit that speaks for you make yourself an appointment with my mate Mr Newell.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Brace yourself

You know when you don't hear anything mentioned of something for quite sometime then all of a sudden you hear lots about that one thing in one week? Well thats what last week was like for me and, wait for it, braces.
 Last week a friend tweeted that she had seen an old chap walking through south London with a pair of braces on and looking quite smart with it as well. Then on Thursday afternoon I met up with a couple of friends in Regents Park and one of them had button braces on the outside of her chino shorts and they looked rather swish. Finally last night we went to another friends BBQ and a mate of mine there mentioned he was going to have to dust off his braces for his morning suit for the royal wedding (we are all attending a royal wedding party not the actual royal wedding just to let you know).
Braces are a tricky thing to get used to but once you are used to them they make life so much easier. Most modern gents wear belts with suits, firstly the reason is to keep his trousers in the right place and the second reason is for aesthetics. Some guys like to match the belt colour with the shoe colour and then, if they are really into it, their watch strap. In my eyes belts are just not needed. First of all your trousers should be tailored to you therefore there is no room in them for a belt to pull in the excess material. Secondly a belt will only pinch the trousers into place, and then weigh them down with a buckle, whereas braces hang them in place (think about that one and then it will click).

How it should be done.

Granddad would approve.

Braces can be adjusted just as a belt can be and I always think a suit looks a lot cleaner with no belt loops but side adjusters, wether they be button or buckle, then a nice set of brace buttons on the inside of the trousers. Lovely.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Family values

We all have our style influences and icons don't we? Steve McQueen, Prince Michael of Kent, Del boy are the obvious ones but one of mine is a lot closer to home. Kenneth, Kenny to his pals, is my Dad and as you can see he is a pretty jazzy dresser and he's always taught me the rights and wrongs of men's style. I knew all along I had parents different from others when I used to play football and see all the Dads and Mums line up on the touchline to watch their young boys kick lumps out of each other. Most sets of parents had the cringe worthy (can't believe I am about to write this word on my blog but here it goes) fleece on over the top of the Middlesbrough home shirt, this stands for both Dads and Mums by the way, but not my folks. Oh no I had my Mother in a bright canary yellow raincoat and Father in a blazer, flannels and tassel loafers. To say they stood out does not really come close.
So here is my Dad just this morning reading the paper (the sport pages of course and Middlesbrough got a good away point at Ipswich on Tuesday night so he was in fine form today) wearing his Gieves and Hawkes cotton trousers, Crockett and Jones dessert boots, Hackett cardigan and Brooks brothers oxford sky blue shirt. I think its fair to say he knows how to put a look together. Well done old man.
Mum, I will do a post for you soon enough as well seen as you and Dad are two of the four people who actually read this blog.
Viva la parents.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You'll regret it.

And I already am. My Gieves and Hawkes made to measure tassel loafers are dying, literally, on my feet. I ordered these beauties for the beginning of last summer and to be honest I didn't really get in to them back then but already this spring they have become invaluable which is what I am regretting.
I am a man who isn't afraid to say I like my loafers worn without socks. Yes there you are I have said it and I think all loafers (in the warmer months) should be worn without socks. Now I know the purists of you out there will be gasping with the horror of the sweat that will be pouring into my lovely leather loafs which is no good for them at all but I do use shoes trees (when I remember to put them in and don't just pull my shoes off getting into bed after a few sherbets) and this improves the condition of the whole shoe but look...

Tragedy, cut down in their prime.

they are looking a sorry sight already, no?  I am going to try and breathe new life into these by getting the lovely young chap who does the shoe shining in Number 1 Savile Row (I have forgotten the fella's name) to give them a thorough going over and sorting out. Now here is the clever bit. As you can see these shoes are camel colour I however would now prefer them to look a rich tan so I am going to get our shoe shine supremo to see if he can take the colour down a few notches and give me back, fingers crossed, a new pair of shoes. Well sort of.
I will, of course, get the results of this ground breaking experiment up on here for all to see.
Wish me luck.

Monday, 11 April 2011

First holiday of the year

And what a cracker it was as well. Me and the better half took ourselves off to the lovely Balearic Island of Ibiza before all the clubbers, drinkers and fighters get there for the summer season.
The weather was red hot which was such a boost after a long cold winter here in England, we had every day on a different beach (most often we had the beach to ourselves) and hired a natty little Seat Ibiza (naturally) to get around the island.

The transport around the island.

What was I wearing I hear you yell? Well just look no further than here click here please

Monday, 28 March 2011

A follow up

So no one would take my picture at the wedding on Saturday with me in my Gieves and Hawkes made to measure electric blue mohair three piece (something about being to ugly it was offensive to such a beautiful day). The wedding was this spell bounding young ladies (clicky thing here) and the Mrs and I had a lovely time. As you can imagine there were some fantastic outfits on show and we didn't disappoint. Here are some close up shots of the suit I sported.

The horn buttons lift the suits colour.

Yes I know there is drink stain on here thanks for pointing it out.

Worn with a white Hackett shirt it really did look rather good.

The suit got a lot of compliments and I am glad that I made the changes to it. The Double breasted waistcoat is a great variation on the three piece suit and it something you don't see very often so it adds a bit of individualism to the whistle. Of course I am extremely fortunate to be able to order personal tailored suits but if you are ordering them then at least have a bit of adventure with them. Personal tailored suits are there to be played with so don't hold back and let your inner designer go.

Here is the one you hear so much about, my Mrs (shrinking violet she is). So with her dressed like that and me in electric blue and yellow we sure did stand out but then isn't that what its all about?

Toodle pip.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Freshen up

I am pleased to say that this weekend me and the Mrs will be attending a very special wedding. Two splendid people who we are very fond of are tying the knot and it will be an occasion to savour. Bravo to the two of you and we wish you all the best in the world.
Now thats the slushy bit over with I need to sort out something to wear. I have decided to go tried and tested but with a few tweaks here and there. Here it is....

Electric blue mohair suit from Gieves and Hawkes. I got this way back when I was just starting out in my career and its been with me through thick and thin (buying meetings, formal warnings you know that sort of stuff). When I originally ordered the suit it was to be a fun play on the navy three piece suit and it worked very well. The double breasted waistcoat gives it the wow factor and of course the colour is quite eye catching. I have decided though that as spring is here and as I don't wear black shoes anymore the buttons are going to have to be changed to something more in keeping with a wedding. I have just got back from my tailors and he is going to change the buttons to a mahogany horn for me and taper the trousers so it looks a little more contemporary. You can tell how old the suit is by the pleats in the trousers! 
I will post some pictures when I get it back tomorrow. 
Until then.......

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Summer shoes

This summer I am going to try and break from the usual footwear for summer (Gucci loafers, tan tassel loafers see a theme here?) but this year I am going to go for a pair of these dandy things.......
Now my feet are not the biggest and the better half suggested my feet might look to clumpy (is that a word? No red line underneath it on blogger so it must be). Its tricky thing footwear isn't it? A lot of my mates always say that shoes look better in a smaller size and I have to agree with that on a whole but some shoes you just cant get away with. I am hoping I can pull this style off as I am really up for a lace up shoe for summer in the first time in 7 years. 
I will let you know how I get on. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

So much to read, so little time.

This week was the week of the new men's magazine. We had the launch of three (and that's just the ones I know about) and they are all very different in their own ways.

First of all on Sunday we had Jam magazine which is free with the News of the World newspaper. The magazine is a lads mag like publication with everything from Gadgets to mafia gangs in there. The men's style pages (worked on by yours truly) hits the high street and gives the reader who lives in Scarborough,  Hull and Derby the chance to get there well dressed juices flowing just as much as the main city dwellers. This was the goal all along trying to make a magazine with content that reached everyone and I have to say I think the magazine delivers on this. Of course I am going to sway in favour of this magazine but I am happy with it and have received a lot of great feed back.

Next we have Mode magazine from Shortlist. This one is to come out twice a year with the Spring Summer and Autumn Winter seasons. Dedicated to men's fashion only it is a free hand out (always a good way to get a big readership) and mixes mid high street fashion (Diesel, Boss by Hugo Boss) all the way up to Tom Ford. Fantastic read and the styling is great as well (although we don't see contributor and  front cover boy David Gandy's eyes the whole way through a main fashion shoot. Did someone stick a shiner on him maybe?) All the same its a great mag and a shame we will only see it twice a year.

Lastly we have Port magazine seen here with Daniel Day Lewis on the cover. The format is different from other men's magazines and because of this its a refreshing read. The self professed "Intelligent magazine for men" maybe I shouldn't be reading it but they cant stop me, can they? Style pages are relaxed and informal which is good as they feature heavy brands like Prada and Acne but put across in a way that isn't pretentious.
All in all the three magazines offer a very different insight in to all aspects of men's style here in the U.K and there is a place for each of them within the magazine market. In my opinion we have been crying out for a publication that isn't GQ (to high end and unachievable instead of being aspirational) or Esquire (lost its way of late). Top marks to all three.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Why can't I be you?

Strolling through Manchester Square (home of the beautiful Wallace collection) in London the other day on my way to a bit of work I noticed a rather Dandy parcel shelf. Well done to this fellow for being prepared for a wedding and rain (in England the two seem to go hand in hand)

I am not sure if he had done it for effect but what the hell doesn't it look good? I am not really a car fan to be honest but this made me want to pull on my Dunhill driving gloves and take to the road. That is the one thing I miss about London life driving a car. This is a particularly good looking car as well. Now I am not going to ramble on about cars and what not as I don't know enough about them but I thought I would share it with you. Now drive on.

Friday, 4 March 2011

On a high....

I was lucky enough to do some work with high street power house Marks and Spencer this week to lend a hand with a bit of styling for a press day they were having. I love doing this sort of work as its usually laid back and a great chance to meet people and chat shop. We had a laugh doing it and I have to give special mention to Laura, Charlotte and Kerry who were great.
I have to say that with my background being in high end menswear it was good to get a feel for the English high street and see whats going on and believe me there is a lot going on. In England we are very lucky to have a high street stores like the ones we have churning out clothes that are pretty dam good in my opinion. Look at this

A navy blazer with a gingham check tie and sky and white striped shirt and a pair of jeans. So simple and stylish and its a high end look without paying the price. This lot was designed by Timothy Everest for Marks and Spencer and with a few nips and tucks by your tailor its good to go.

I like to think that because of the high street, people like M and S, everything is accessible to everyone no longer do you need to save up £80 for that tie you wanted or the look you were trying to achieve its all on your local main street at affordable prices. Its fantastic to see a northern brand like Marks and Sparks (started out in Leeds) still going and bringing great style to the mass markets. Cracking work lads.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Top, man.

It was mens day at London fashion week and I managed to squeeze myself into a couple of shows. The below pictures are from the Topman design show which was at the Royal Opera house this morning. Now I know the pictures are below par but the general idea of the show (from my eyes) was 1950's prints on shirts, high waisted trousers and a few double breasted jackets here and there. Turn ups on trousers were a must. Overcoats had faux fur on them (innovate not imitate there I think) and the whole look was stylish without looking to contrived which is a major plus point I think for a fashion show. 

What I like at every fashion week is that we don't see the jeans sagging round the backside look or silly beanie hats hanging off the back of the head it (usually) comes back to the best of menswear: tailoring. I have to say the crowd today was dressed very well (shirts, ties and separates were spotted left right and centre) and we should all dress like this, always. Dylan Jones, Jeremy Langmead and Sir Phillip Green were all there and of course they were suited and booted. A suit shirt and tie is a mans go to outfit when in need of a) looking sharp b)feeling good c) impressing. I also spotted Sir Phillip littering on his way to his car after the show tut tut Sir Phil (and he dodges paying tax to pay the street sweeper who will clean that up.)

A print from the invitation just to give you a taste of the theme.
Back to the clothes though and I am massively impressed by this collection. I hope a lot of it gets into store and is available for the public to wear and neaten itself up once more. I am going to have a shimmy on down to the Topman party later on tonight and tell them exactly what I thought of there show so expect a post from my bed sometime tomorrow.

Toodle pip.

Monday, 21 February 2011

All you need is love.

For those of you who haven't seen the film I Am Love then bloody why not? It is an exhilarating experience. The better half and I went to see it at the flicks last year when it came out and we only just got around to watching it on dvd this weekend (although we bought it well before Christmas). It stars Tilda Swinton as the lead. Living the high life as the matriarch of a ultra wealthy Milanese family her world, and her families, is turned upside down by a chance meeting. I will leave it there for those of you who havent seen it.
A film based mainly in the Italian city of Milan should get the style juices flowing and you will be pleases to know that this one does not disappoint. The film's wardrobe was done by Fendi and Jill Sander but there is, of course, a Hermes Birken bag here and a Gucci Loafer there. It shows how well the Italians put things together and instantly your looking up lessons in Italian and considering if you could do your job in Italy, Milan perhaps. I read earlier today (on a website of high regard) that Italian men are just trying to dress like English men and this is why they look and dress like they do. Well if that is true how come I never look half as good as them when I try to dress with a bit of Milanese flair? Best stick to what I know best. If anyone can let me know what that/this is then I would be most grateful.

Friday, 18 February 2011

On the cheap

Is there anything better in life than a good old bargain? I might sound like a tight northerner here but picking up a pair of Ralph Lauren cords for under a tenner is a steal. As previous readers should know there is nothing I like better than a pair of Ralph cords. Have a look at them.

Not bad eh? My favourite thing about them, apart from the price, is the side adjusters. Cant beat a nice brown button side adjuster in my eyes especially when you own a pair of oxfords that are the exact same colour as them.  I am going to have the belt loops taken off, the trouser width reduced and then have a turn up put on them. Beauty.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Always take the weather with you.

Can you feel it? I don't want to tempt fate or the gods of Olympus but I think spring is on its way. Yes, yes its the same every year one day of mild weather and sunshine and we (by this I mean me) go on the hunt for all clothes spring like. I am not shy of wearing bright colours at the darkest of times as posts on this very blog will prove but when the sun is out it is a lot easier to start thinking about colour.
Last spring/summer I was let down by the weather never really getting its backside into gear. This year I am heading off onto warmer climates for my sartorial jaunts. Planning  a wardrobe at an early part of the season can be tricky just because you haven't seen the weather you are planning for but its always good to base yourself around a few key items. A blazer is a must. My summer blazer is a wool, cotton and mohair mix navy blue with mother of pearl buttons (brass buttons in winter on heavy cloths and m.o.p buttons on lighter cloth these are my rules read of them what you will) and this goes well with jeans of pretty much any colour. Cue picture of jeans in different colours.

I am going to try and get my grubby mits on all of these Ralph Lauren jeans but the pink are for sure my favourite. I am not the worlds biggest jean fan but in bright colour they distract my little mind enough that I almost forget they are even denim. But why stop there with the colours.....

I am all over these Tod's driving shoes as well. These are just a select few of there range of course but they are fantastic and splash a bit of colour down on your dancers can be the finishing touch to a nice bright outfit. These shoes are only meant to be worn indoors (thats rich seen as though they cost the best part of 300 nicker) or you wear through them quite sharpish. Granted these jeans and these loafers maybe a bit too much together but I will still give them a blast.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Star spangled suit.

I had the pleasure having the majority of the day to myself yesterday (apart from a meeting here and there) and I managed to find myself in that Middle Eastern delight that is Knightsbridge. I gasped at One Hyde Park (tacky, very tacky if you ask me), marvelled at Harrods estate agents and then swooned over the American doing it just as good as any Englishman, Mr T. Ford of course. 
Now I am a purist. Born and raised on Savile Row my morals are rooted in the best of British but I still have to hand it to him he does The Row as good, if not better, than anyone.

Take the suit above for example (I know its been pinned to hell but no one is perfect are they?) the shape of the lapel, the pitch of the sleeve and, my personal favourite, depth of the pocket flaps. I haven't even started on the pattern of the cloth clashing with the tie but it all looks so well put together. Savile Row would frown upon the peak lapel with the two buttons I guess but I rather like it.

The lay out of the concession in Harrods is something like a gentlemen's club and you somehow end up staying longer than you expected as the thick carpet under your feet makes you slow right down and you can almost feel the luxury flowing through the soles of your shoes. Although the area was understaffed I guess having too many Fordite's around would give it an overcrowded feeling and I wouldn't of had time to sneak these pictures in.

£149 for a tie is a bit steep mind you in anyones money and the suits coming in at £2,550 are not that far off going down to Savile Row and getting your own pattern cut for a nice whistle made around you.
It is all about buying into the brand and lifestyle of course and spending £1200 on a shawl collar cardigan might seem steep (it is worth it when you see it believe me).
It pains me to say being as English as Oak but no one does it better than ol' Tom.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The end is nigh

Pocket squares. There not for everyone (I think they should compulsory when wearing a jacket but there you go) but it is a way for someone to express themselves a little when wearing a suit or jacket and trousers. All the ways you can fold them and all the materials and patterns they come in there is a whole world of pocket compliments waiting out there.
As every blog, website and men's magazine says your pocket square should compliment your tie and not match it. I shudder when I see the tie and pocket square sold as a set and they are the exact same material. It just looks odd. Nothing should match and everything should flow nicely to give it the look . I was working away like I do just this past week when a suit arrived for me for a photo shoot. I took it out of the carrier and hung it up. I gave it the once over and to my surprise there was already a pocket square folded neatly in the breast pocket. I thought some one had left it in there from another shoot or something.  Below is what was tucked away white end up. 

I am sorry for how bad the picture is here but what this is meant to be is 2 pocket squares in one. A black and a white one. Its such a shame that it has come to this a suit with a pocket square in it is bad enough but a pocket square that is "reversible" is such a sad sight. Has it really come to this? Gone is the individual flair and taste and in its place is paint by numbers for men. 
Below are my two favourite pocket square and tie combinations for all occasions.

Classic red and navy club stripe with a pink and red paisley square. This one works well with just about anything so its always a good one to take away with you such is its versatility. Blazer and grey trousers is my favourite with this pairing.

Sky blue knitted tie with a navy, sky and orange mosaic pocket square. Knitted ties have come back into style the last few years and they used to be looked at being more casual but I think the give a great texture to an outfit. 
So please please please try and use some of your own flair and lets make these 2 in 1 pocket squares a thing of the past. Who's with me then?

Friday, 4 February 2011

Showing your colours

Middlesbrough home kit from this season.  

An extremely good friend of mine emailed me earlier this evening asking if it was bad form to wear your  football teams (soccer for you lot over the pond) shirt to a match which is taking place tomorrow. Now I cant really see the attraction in dressing the same as everyone else sat around you but that then is where the unity from a football match comes from. The whole "we are in this together" attitude is what makes the worlds favourite sport just that.
I emailed my mate and told him that a football shirt would just not do. As I have already mentioned in a post last month red doesn't suit me which is a pain when our teams home kit is as red as a Boro lass straight off the electric beach (Boro means Middlesbrough the team we support and electric beach is a sun bed for those of you not in the know). I mean its bad enough these chaps get paid a small fortune to persue a hobby but to make us all dress in the same cheap nasty material is taking the biscuit in my eyes. A subtle nod to your team is more than enough. I suggested a red jumper from Hackett and an outfit built around that. This shows whose corner you are in but also means you can enjoy a few drinks after the game with your pals and not look like a 9 year old boy on their way to a 5-a-side football party.

What I would be wearing instead.

Out of the two items posted here I know which one  I would rather be wearing even though red isn't my colour (have i ever told you that??). So I guess my point is that going all out and donning the replica home shirt is a bit to far and naff but showing your support of the 11 lads out there is a must so always fly your colours high and proud but do it with a bit of panache eh lads? You never know you might just start something off.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Surprising what you find when you're not looking for it.

Last week I found myself in a cupboard in the Topman press office. This was due to work reasons and not that I just wanted to hide away from the world I may add. Rooting through the samples for a few men's photo shoots I have coming up I noticed a superb checked overcoat. On closer inspection it turns out the coat in question was a stunning Harris Tweed number made for the collaboration between Topman and Harris Tweed. Well I was amazed. The cloth is superb, exactly what you would expect from Harris and the fit of the coat is quite fantastic. It has a long centre vent in the back and what I particularly love about the coat is the depth of the pocket flaps, nice and deep. It is quite simply one of the best pieces of off the peg tailoring I have ever come across. So you can imagine my delight when the chaps at Topman said I could have it as a gift as they were finished with it for the season. Huarrah.

Some oddball in Regents park.
Its first outing was yesterday when me and the Mrs went for a stroll around Regents Park and paid a long over due visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum. I have lived in London for 5 years and it has always been on the list of things to do and I am glad to say we have finally ticked it off. I believe that even Holmes himself would of loved my latest addition to my already over flowing wardrobe and he for one would be able to appreciate my investigating in the first place.

Aforementioned oddball signing the visitors book at the Holmes museum.
The museum was great way to flit away an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon and it was good to see it nice and busy. One of England's old heros really does deserve his own shrine, whether fictional or not, and I enclose some pictures for you to sample the style of the place. I remember as a young chap reading Hound of the Baskervilles and being so scared I put the book in my bottom draw to keep the baddies at bay. After I had calmed down a bit I went back to the drawers, put my torch back on and read on some more so good was the writing. 

The old bean himself. Good smoking jacket.

A dandy at heart. Sherlock's pocket watch.

His jackets above his bed which is rather an odd place to keep them I thought.
So for all you lot reading in London or anywhere for that matter get yourself along to this splendid little piece of our capital, I am sure you can find out his address.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rupert the Bear: The style icon

Look at him?  Amazing.  This outfit has really got me going. I spotted it on a greetings card yesterday and it clicked with me straight away. The matching scarf to the trousers is an interesting idea, I am going to have to hunt down a cloth that can carry out both purpose's and I love the colour. The red jumper maybe a bit tricky for me as I do not suit red (as a Boro supporter its a sad state of affairs. Our team play in red at home so I alway used to get the away kits in blue, much better for me) but I will have a look into it.
It has to be said though that the best thing Rupert has on here is a smile on his face. Maybe the best accessory at this time of year. Well done old bean.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Over the weekend I went to watch The Kings Speech at my local picture house. First of all I do have to say the film itself is fantastic. Colin Firth plays his part with amazing stuttering authority and Geoffrey Rush is just impeccable (as always). Bravo to the british film industry.
As you might imagine I had more than an eye on the men's outfits and there were some beauties. My pick has to be this flannel number worn by Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush).

The swelled edges on the lapel teamed with the bow tie and folded pocket square make it look very 1930's and very acceptable to be worn today. The evening after I had been to see the film I folded my white pocket square just like how its done above and stuffed it in my out breast pocket of my flannel three piece suit. I know I am a lucky chap to have a wardrobe that I can call upon to create these looks but it is a such a good look that I think we should all get on the bandwagon with it.
Bow ties at the ready please gents!