Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Always take the weather with you.

Can you feel it? I don't want to tempt fate or the gods of Olympus but I think spring is on its way. Yes, yes its the same every year one day of mild weather and sunshine and we (by this I mean me) go on the hunt for all clothes spring like. I am not shy of wearing bright colours at the darkest of times as posts on this very blog will prove but when the sun is out it is a lot easier to start thinking about colour.
Last spring/summer I was let down by the weather never really getting its backside into gear. This year I am heading off onto warmer climates for my sartorial jaunts. Planning  a wardrobe at an early part of the season can be tricky just because you haven't seen the weather you are planning for but its always good to base yourself around a few key items. A blazer is a must. My summer blazer is a wool, cotton and mohair mix navy blue with mother of pearl buttons (brass buttons in winter on heavy cloths and m.o.p buttons on lighter cloth these are my rules read of them what you will) and this goes well with jeans of pretty much any colour. Cue picture of jeans in different colours.

I am going to try and get my grubby mits on all of these Ralph Lauren jeans but the pink are for sure my favourite. I am not the worlds biggest jean fan but in bright colour they distract my little mind enough that I almost forget they are even denim. But why stop there with the colours.....

I am all over these Tod's driving shoes as well. These are just a select few of there range of course but they are fantastic and splash a bit of colour down on your dancers can be the finishing touch to a nice bright outfit. These shoes are only meant to be worn indoors (thats rich seen as though they cost the best part of 300 nicker) or you wear through them quite sharpish. Granted these jeans and these loafers maybe a bit too much together but I will still give them a blast.