Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My mate

Owns this rather cool tailoring company. Since striking out on his own, about a year ago now, he has come such a long way in a rather small space of time. We both cut our teeth together on Savile Row Mr Newell was there sometime before I came along but we instantly had a connection and knew that we had our own ambitions to go elsewhere and make our own mark on the tailoring world.
The latest in a long line of Soho tailoring houses that offer that little something different from The Row, Newell Bespoke is a company that makes sure the customer is always right working with them to get the perfect fit, cut and combination of cloth and lining. Have a look at just some of the pieces Newell has managed to conjure up.

Sky linen blazer with mother of pearl buttons
Newell Bespoke is one company that delivers what it promises (Mr Newell once flew to Italy and back in one day to collect a customers suit as he needed the next day, now that is service), which at the end of the day, is what its all about. Mr Newell has his own personal style, something that is quite different to mine but one thing you cannot say about him is he is badly dressed. The man is as sharp as a dart and in my opinion the best dressed Soho dandy.

Soho gangster chic this one.

So gentleman of London (or anywhere else for that matter) next time you are after a suit that speaks for you make yourself an appointment with my mate Mr Newell.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Brace yourself

You know when you don't hear anything mentioned of something for quite sometime then all of a sudden you hear lots about that one thing in one week? Well thats what last week was like for me and, wait for it, braces.
 Last week a friend tweeted that she had seen an old chap walking through south London with a pair of braces on and looking quite smart with it as well. Then on Thursday afternoon I met up with a couple of friends in Regents Park and one of them had button braces on the outside of her chino shorts and they looked rather swish. Finally last night we went to another friends BBQ and a mate of mine there mentioned he was going to have to dust off his braces for his morning suit for the royal wedding (we are all attending a royal wedding party not the actual royal wedding just to let you know).
Braces are a tricky thing to get used to but once you are used to them they make life so much easier. Most modern gents wear belts with suits, firstly the reason is to keep his trousers in the right place and the second reason is for aesthetics. Some guys like to match the belt colour with the shoe colour and then, if they are really into it, their watch strap. In my eyes belts are just not needed. First of all your trousers should be tailored to you therefore there is no room in them for a belt to pull in the excess material. Secondly a belt will only pinch the trousers into place, and then weigh them down with a buckle, whereas braces hang them in place (think about that one and then it will click).

How it should be done.

Granddad would approve.

Braces can be adjusted just as a belt can be and I always think a suit looks a lot cleaner with no belt loops but side adjusters, wether they be button or buckle, then a nice set of brace buttons on the inside of the trousers. Lovely.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Family values

We all have our style influences and icons don't we? Steve McQueen, Prince Michael of Kent, Del boy are the obvious ones but one of mine is a lot closer to home. Kenneth, Kenny to his pals, is my Dad and as you can see he is a pretty jazzy dresser and he's always taught me the rights and wrongs of men's style. I knew all along I had parents different from others when I used to play football and see all the Dads and Mums line up on the touchline to watch their young boys kick lumps out of each other. Most sets of parents had the cringe worthy (can't believe I am about to write this word on my blog but here it goes) fleece on over the top of the Middlesbrough home shirt, this stands for both Dads and Mums by the way, but not my folks. Oh no I had my Mother in a bright canary yellow raincoat and Father in a blazer, flannels and tassel loafers. To say they stood out does not really come close.
So here is my Dad just this morning reading the paper (the sport pages of course and Middlesbrough got a good away point at Ipswich on Tuesday night so he was in fine form today) wearing his Gieves and Hawkes cotton trousers, Crockett and Jones dessert boots, Hackett cardigan and Brooks brothers oxford sky blue shirt. I think its fair to say he knows how to put a look together. Well done old man.
Mum, I will do a post for you soon enough as well seen as you and Dad are two of the four people who actually read this blog.
Viva la parents.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You'll regret it.

And I already am. My Gieves and Hawkes made to measure tassel loafers are dying, literally, on my feet. I ordered these beauties for the beginning of last summer and to be honest I didn't really get in to them back then but already this spring they have become invaluable which is what I am regretting.
I am a man who isn't afraid to say I like my loafers worn without socks. Yes there you are I have said it and I think all loafers (in the warmer months) should be worn without socks. Now I know the purists of you out there will be gasping with the horror of the sweat that will be pouring into my lovely leather loafs which is no good for them at all but I do use shoes trees (when I remember to put them in and don't just pull my shoes off getting into bed after a few sherbets) and this improves the condition of the whole shoe but look...

Tragedy, cut down in their prime.

they are looking a sorry sight already, no?  I am going to try and breathe new life into these by getting the lovely young chap who does the shoe shining in Number 1 Savile Row (I have forgotten the fella's name) to give them a thorough going over and sorting out. Now here is the clever bit. As you can see these shoes are camel colour I however would now prefer them to look a rich tan so I am going to get our shoe shine supremo to see if he can take the colour down a few notches and give me back, fingers crossed, a new pair of shoes. Well sort of.
I will, of course, get the results of this ground breaking experiment up on here for all to see.
Wish me luck.

Monday, 11 April 2011

First holiday of the year

And what a cracker it was as well. Me and the better half took ourselves off to the lovely Balearic Island of Ibiza before all the clubbers, drinkers and fighters get there for the summer season.
The weather was red hot which was such a boost after a long cold winter here in England, we had every day on a different beach (most often we had the beach to ourselves) and hired a natty little Seat Ibiza (naturally) to get around the island.

The transport around the island.

What was I wearing I hear you yell? Well just look no further than here click here please