Monday, 28 March 2011

A follow up

So no one would take my picture at the wedding on Saturday with me in my Gieves and Hawkes made to measure electric blue mohair three piece (something about being to ugly it was offensive to such a beautiful day). The wedding was this spell bounding young ladies (clicky thing here) and the Mrs and I had a lovely time. As you can imagine there were some fantastic outfits on show and we didn't disappoint. Here are some close up shots of the suit I sported.

The horn buttons lift the suits colour.

Yes I know there is drink stain on here thanks for pointing it out.

Worn with a white Hackett shirt it really did look rather good.

The suit got a lot of compliments and I am glad that I made the changes to it. The Double breasted waistcoat is a great variation on the three piece suit and it something you don't see very often so it adds a bit of individualism to the whistle. Of course I am extremely fortunate to be able to order personal tailored suits but if you are ordering them then at least have a bit of adventure with them. Personal tailored suits are there to be played with so don't hold back and let your inner designer go.

Here is the one you hear so much about, my Mrs (shrinking violet she is). So with her dressed like that and me in electric blue and yellow we sure did stand out but then isn't that what its all about?

Toodle pip.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Freshen up

I am pleased to say that this weekend me and the Mrs will be attending a very special wedding. Two splendid people who we are very fond of are tying the knot and it will be an occasion to savour. Bravo to the two of you and we wish you all the best in the world.
Now thats the slushy bit over with I need to sort out something to wear. I have decided to go tried and tested but with a few tweaks here and there. Here it is....

Electric blue mohair suit from Gieves and Hawkes. I got this way back when I was just starting out in my career and its been with me through thick and thin (buying meetings, formal warnings you know that sort of stuff). When I originally ordered the suit it was to be a fun play on the navy three piece suit and it worked very well. The double breasted waistcoat gives it the wow factor and of course the colour is quite eye catching. I have decided though that as spring is here and as I don't wear black shoes anymore the buttons are going to have to be changed to something more in keeping with a wedding. I have just got back from my tailors and he is going to change the buttons to a mahogany horn for me and taper the trousers so it looks a little more contemporary. You can tell how old the suit is by the pleats in the trousers! 
I will post some pictures when I get it back tomorrow. 
Until then.......

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Summer shoes

This summer I am going to try and break from the usual footwear for summer (Gucci loafers, tan tassel loafers see a theme here?) but this year I am going to go for a pair of these dandy things.......
Now my feet are not the biggest and the better half suggested my feet might look to clumpy (is that a word? No red line underneath it on blogger so it must be). Its tricky thing footwear isn't it? A lot of my mates always say that shoes look better in a smaller size and I have to agree with that on a whole but some shoes you just cant get away with. I am hoping I can pull this style off as I am really up for a lace up shoe for summer in the first time in 7 years. 
I will let you know how I get on. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

So much to read, so little time.

This week was the week of the new men's magazine. We had the launch of three (and that's just the ones I know about) and they are all very different in their own ways.

First of all on Sunday we had Jam magazine which is free with the News of the World newspaper. The magazine is a lads mag like publication with everything from Gadgets to mafia gangs in there. The men's style pages (worked on by yours truly) hits the high street and gives the reader who lives in Scarborough,  Hull and Derby the chance to get there well dressed juices flowing just as much as the main city dwellers. This was the goal all along trying to make a magazine with content that reached everyone and I have to say I think the magazine delivers on this. Of course I am going to sway in favour of this magazine but I am happy with it and have received a lot of great feed back.

Next we have Mode magazine from Shortlist. This one is to come out twice a year with the Spring Summer and Autumn Winter seasons. Dedicated to men's fashion only it is a free hand out (always a good way to get a big readership) and mixes mid high street fashion (Diesel, Boss by Hugo Boss) all the way up to Tom Ford. Fantastic read and the styling is great as well (although we don't see contributor and  front cover boy David Gandy's eyes the whole way through a main fashion shoot. Did someone stick a shiner on him maybe?) All the same its a great mag and a shame we will only see it twice a year.

Lastly we have Port magazine seen here with Daniel Day Lewis on the cover. The format is different from other men's magazines and because of this its a refreshing read. The self professed "Intelligent magazine for men" maybe I shouldn't be reading it but they cant stop me, can they? Style pages are relaxed and informal which is good as they feature heavy brands like Prada and Acne but put across in a way that isn't pretentious.
All in all the three magazines offer a very different insight in to all aspects of men's style here in the U.K and there is a place for each of them within the magazine market. In my opinion we have been crying out for a publication that isn't GQ (to high end and unachievable instead of being aspirational) or Esquire (lost its way of late). Top marks to all three.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Why can't I be you?

Strolling through Manchester Square (home of the beautiful Wallace collection) in London the other day on my way to a bit of work I noticed a rather Dandy parcel shelf. Well done to this fellow for being prepared for a wedding and rain (in England the two seem to go hand in hand)

I am not sure if he had done it for effect but what the hell doesn't it look good? I am not really a car fan to be honest but this made me want to pull on my Dunhill driving gloves and take to the road. That is the one thing I miss about London life driving a car. This is a particularly good looking car as well. Now I am not going to ramble on about cars and what not as I don't know enough about them but I thought I would share it with you. Now drive on.

Friday, 4 March 2011

On a high....

I was lucky enough to do some work with high street power house Marks and Spencer this week to lend a hand with a bit of styling for a press day they were having. I love doing this sort of work as its usually laid back and a great chance to meet people and chat shop. We had a laugh doing it and I have to give special mention to Laura, Charlotte and Kerry who were great.
I have to say that with my background being in high end menswear it was good to get a feel for the English high street and see whats going on and believe me there is a lot going on. In England we are very lucky to have a high street stores like the ones we have churning out clothes that are pretty dam good in my opinion. Look at this

A navy blazer with a gingham check tie and sky and white striped shirt and a pair of jeans. So simple and stylish and its a high end look without paying the price. This lot was designed by Timothy Everest for Marks and Spencer and with a few nips and tucks by your tailor its good to go.

I like to think that because of the high street, people like M and S, everything is accessible to everyone no longer do you need to save up £80 for that tie you wanted or the look you were trying to achieve its all on your local main street at affordable prices. Its fantastic to see a northern brand like Marks and Sparks (started out in Leeds) still going and bringing great style to the mass markets. Cracking work lads.