Monday, 28 March 2011

A follow up

So no one would take my picture at the wedding on Saturday with me in my Gieves and Hawkes made to measure electric blue mohair three piece (something about being to ugly it was offensive to such a beautiful day). The wedding was this spell bounding young ladies (clicky thing here) and the Mrs and I had a lovely time. As you can imagine there were some fantastic outfits on show and we didn't disappoint. Here are some close up shots of the suit I sported.

The horn buttons lift the suits colour.

Yes I know there is drink stain on here thanks for pointing it out.

Worn with a white Hackett shirt it really did look rather good.

The suit got a lot of compliments and I am glad that I made the changes to it. The Double breasted waistcoat is a great variation on the three piece suit and it something you don't see very often so it adds a bit of individualism to the whistle. Of course I am extremely fortunate to be able to order personal tailored suits but if you are ordering them then at least have a bit of adventure with them. Personal tailored suits are there to be played with so don't hold back and let your inner designer go.

Here is the one you hear so much about, my Mrs (shrinking violet she is). So with her dressed like that and me in electric blue and yellow we sure did stand out but then isn't that what its all about?

Toodle pip.