Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Its been a while

Sorry folks for not posting for a wee while. I have been moving abode and its been very enjoyable which is a first for me. These things are usually a stressful affair but not in this case it was maybe so because I had such good company to move with (you know who you are). We now just need a glass fronted wardrobe to hang our lovely clothes in.
The past week I have been known as The White Van Dandy dressing in a shirt, jeans and shawl collar Ralph cardigan with loafers. A flat cap and silk scarf to tart it up a little pictures to follow and then I am sure some comments. We also had our lovely little friend Bertha the Beagle (a pedigree Beagle to boot so it looked like we had robbed her in our flat caps, faux fur and big white van) to accompany us on our trip to our Northern roots as a favour to a family member who is expecting a little Ted to arrive any day now!
Right back to the important things in life now: clothes and style. The week has been a limited style event due to the boxes, bags and suit carriers rammed with kit which have been inaccessible but it does give you time to think of things that you think "Where the hell did that disappear to?" I found an old pair of Gieves (Gieves and Hawkes younger, snappier line that has now been discontinued) trousers and I have to say I was as happy as a Middlesbrough fan who had just been told Gordon Strachan had left the club to see them again. Such a great colour, cloth and cut. The attention to detail is fantastic (not like my footy team mind you) and I feel its such a shame the label is no more as it took all the classic parts of mens tailoring and tansfered it to a younger cut and easier to wear pieces for  gents like myself. Granted not all 27 year olds like to dress in cords, tweed and a tie but some do and a line like Gieves made it easy to buy into it and not look like an old man in doing so. Oh well R.I.P Gieves

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Get shirty

Here are the latest members of my already fit to burst shirt wardrobe. Starting from left to right we have a micro gingham sky blue and white cut away collar and cuff shirt, the same but in pink in the middle and on the right a sky blue dogtooth shirt . All of these were made to measure from Gieves and Hawkes who reside at Number 1 Savile Row. Having a shirt made is an amazing way to get that just right feeling. So many times I have paid upwards of £140 for an off the peg shirt and had to have the sleeves shortened or it taken in on the waist to get it to fit right. These were £155 each but well worth it. The fit is superb and the sleeve length is perfect with all my suits, jackets and blazers.
I had my initials sew on the cuff (don't worry I had them done in a matching colour to the cuffs so very subtle) and the white collar and cuff shirts I went for in a cut away collar as these look best with a tie and I will only wear these shirts with a tie. The other I went for a classic collar which can look great with a half windsor knitted tie or open neck with a jacket or jumper over the top. I had the shirt collar stand in the same fabric as the shirt as I feel this looks classier than an all white collar but that is the beauty of made to measure you decide what you want and go for it no one else can dictate to you, unless you are dressed by your other half but I doubt that very much as you are reading this and therefore you can think for yourself.