Thursday, 10 March 2011

So much to read, so little time.

This week was the week of the new men's magazine. We had the launch of three (and that's just the ones I know about) and they are all very different in their own ways.

First of all on Sunday we had Jam magazine which is free with the News of the World newspaper. The magazine is a lads mag like publication with everything from Gadgets to mafia gangs in there. The men's style pages (worked on by yours truly) hits the high street and gives the reader who lives in Scarborough,  Hull and Derby the chance to get there well dressed juices flowing just as much as the main city dwellers. This was the goal all along trying to make a magazine with content that reached everyone and I have to say I think the magazine delivers on this. Of course I am going to sway in favour of this magazine but I am happy with it and have received a lot of great feed back.

Next we have Mode magazine from Shortlist. This one is to come out twice a year with the Spring Summer and Autumn Winter seasons. Dedicated to men's fashion only it is a free hand out (always a good way to get a big readership) and mixes mid high street fashion (Diesel, Boss by Hugo Boss) all the way up to Tom Ford. Fantastic read and the styling is great as well (although we don't see contributor and  front cover boy David Gandy's eyes the whole way through a main fashion shoot. Did someone stick a shiner on him maybe?) All the same its a great mag and a shame we will only see it twice a year.

Lastly we have Port magazine seen here with Daniel Day Lewis on the cover. The format is different from other men's magazines and because of this its a refreshing read. The self professed "Intelligent magazine for men" maybe I shouldn't be reading it but they cant stop me, can they? Style pages are relaxed and informal which is good as they feature heavy brands like Prada and Acne but put across in a way that isn't pretentious.
All in all the three magazines offer a very different insight in to all aspects of men's style here in the U.K and there is a place for each of them within the magazine market. In my opinion we have been crying out for a publication that isn't GQ (to high end and unachievable instead of being aspirational) or Esquire (lost its way of late). Top marks to all three.