Friday, 4 March 2011

On a high....

I was lucky enough to do some work with high street power house Marks and Spencer this week to lend a hand with a bit of styling for a press day they were having. I love doing this sort of work as its usually laid back and a great chance to meet people and chat shop. We had a laugh doing it and I have to give special mention to Laura, Charlotte and Kerry who were great.
I have to say that with my background being in high end menswear it was good to get a feel for the English high street and see whats going on and believe me there is a lot going on. In England we are very lucky to have a high street stores like the ones we have churning out clothes that are pretty dam good in my opinion. Look at this

A navy blazer with a gingham check tie and sky and white striped shirt and a pair of jeans. So simple and stylish and its a high end look without paying the price. This lot was designed by Timothy Everest for Marks and Spencer and with a few nips and tucks by your tailor its good to go.

I like to think that because of the high street, people like M and S, everything is accessible to everyone no longer do you need to save up £80 for that tie you wanted or the look you were trying to achieve its all on your local main street at affordable prices. Its fantastic to see a northern brand like Marks and Sparks (started out in Leeds) still going and bringing great style to the mass markets. Cracking work lads.