Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Top, man.

It was mens day at London fashion week and I managed to squeeze myself into a couple of shows. The below pictures are from the Topman design show which was at the Royal Opera house this morning. Now I know the pictures are below par but the general idea of the show (from my eyes) was 1950's prints on shirts, high waisted trousers and a few double breasted jackets here and there. Turn ups on trousers were a must. Overcoats had faux fur on them (innovate not imitate there I think) and the whole look was stylish without looking to contrived which is a major plus point I think for a fashion show. 

What I like at every fashion week is that we don't see the jeans sagging round the backside look or silly beanie hats hanging off the back of the head it (usually) comes back to the best of menswear: tailoring. I have to say the crowd today was dressed very well (shirts, ties and separates were spotted left right and centre) and we should all dress like this, always. Dylan Jones, Jeremy Langmead and Sir Phillip Green were all there and of course they were suited and booted. A suit shirt and tie is a mans go to outfit when in need of a) looking sharp b)feeling good c) impressing. I also spotted Sir Phillip littering on his way to his car after the show tut tut Sir Phil (and he dodges paying tax to pay the street sweeper who will clean that up.)

A print from the invitation just to give you a taste of the theme.
Back to the clothes though and I am massively impressed by this collection. I hope a lot of it gets into store and is available for the public to wear and neaten itself up once more. I am going to have a shimmy on down to the Topman party later on tonight and tell them exactly what I thought of there show so expect a post from my bed sometime tomorrow.

Toodle pip.