Sunday, 13 February 2011

The end is nigh

Pocket squares. There not for everyone (I think they should compulsory when wearing a jacket but there you go) but it is a way for someone to express themselves a little when wearing a suit or jacket and trousers. All the ways you can fold them and all the materials and patterns they come in there is a whole world of pocket compliments waiting out there.
As every blog, website and men's magazine says your pocket square should compliment your tie and not match it. I shudder when I see the tie and pocket square sold as a set and they are the exact same material. It just looks odd. Nothing should match and everything should flow nicely to give it the look . I was working away like I do just this past week when a suit arrived for me for a photo shoot. I took it out of the carrier and hung it up. I gave it the once over and to my surprise there was already a pocket square folded neatly in the breast pocket. I thought some one had left it in there from another shoot or something.  Below is what was tucked away white end up. 

I am sorry for how bad the picture is here but what this is meant to be is 2 pocket squares in one. A black and a white one. Its such a shame that it has come to this a suit with a pocket square in it is bad enough but a pocket square that is "reversible" is such a sad sight. Has it really come to this? Gone is the individual flair and taste and in its place is paint by numbers for men. 
Below are my two favourite pocket square and tie combinations for all occasions.

Classic red and navy club stripe with a pink and red paisley square. This one works well with just about anything so its always a good one to take away with you such is its versatility. Blazer and grey trousers is my favourite with this pairing.

Sky blue knitted tie with a navy, sky and orange mosaic pocket square. Knitted ties have come back into style the last few years and they used to be looked at being more casual but I think the give a great texture to an outfit. 
So please please please try and use some of your own flair and lets make these 2 in 1 pocket squares a thing of the past. Who's with me then?