Friday, 4 February 2011

Showing your colours

Middlesbrough home kit from this season.  

An extremely good friend of mine emailed me earlier this evening asking if it was bad form to wear your  football teams (soccer for you lot over the pond) shirt to a match which is taking place tomorrow. Now I cant really see the attraction in dressing the same as everyone else sat around you but that then is where the unity from a football match comes from. The whole "we are in this together" attitude is what makes the worlds favourite sport just that.
I emailed my mate and told him that a football shirt would just not do. As I have already mentioned in a post last month red doesn't suit me which is a pain when our teams home kit is as red as a Boro lass straight off the electric beach (Boro means Middlesbrough the team we support and electric beach is a sun bed for those of you not in the know). I mean its bad enough these chaps get paid a small fortune to persue a hobby but to make us all dress in the same cheap nasty material is taking the biscuit in my eyes. A subtle nod to your team is more than enough. I suggested a red jumper from Hackett and an outfit built around that. This shows whose corner you are in but also means you can enjoy a few drinks after the game with your pals and not look like a 9 year old boy on their way to a 5-a-side football party.

What I would be wearing instead.

Out of the two items posted here I know which one  I would rather be wearing even though red isn't my colour (have i ever told you that??). So I guess my point is that going all out and donning the replica home shirt is a bit to far and naff but showing your support of the 11 lads out there is a must so always fly your colours high and proud but do it with a bit of panache eh lads? You never know you might just start something off.