Monday, 24 January 2011

Surprising what you find when you're not looking for it.

Last week I found myself in a cupboard in the Topman press office. This was due to work reasons and not that I just wanted to hide away from the world I may add. Rooting through the samples for a few men's photo shoots I have coming up I noticed a superb checked overcoat. On closer inspection it turns out the coat in question was a stunning Harris Tweed number made for the collaboration between Topman and Harris Tweed. Well I was amazed. The cloth is superb, exactly what you would expect from Harris and the fit of the coat is quite fantastic. It has a long centre vent in the back and what I particularly love about the coat is the depth of the pocket flaps, nice and deep. It is quite simply one of the best pieces of off the peg tailoring I have ever come across. So you can imagine my delight when the chaps at Topman said I could have it as a gift as they were finished with it for the season. Huarrah.

Some oddball in Regents park.
Its first outing was yesterday when me and the Mrs went for a stroll around Regents Park and paid a long over due visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum. I have lived in London for 5 years and it has always been on the list of things to do and I am glad to say we have finally ticked it off. I believe that even Holmes himself would of loved my latest addition to my already over flowing wardrobe and he for one would be able to appreciate my investigating in the first place.

Aforementioned oddball signing the visitors book at the Holmes museum.
The museum was great way to flit away an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon and it was good to see it nice and busy. One of England's old heros really does deserve his own shrine, whether fictional or not, and I enclose some pictures for you to sample the style of the place. I remember as a young chap reading Hound of the Baskervilles and being so scared I put the book in my bottom draw to keep the baddies at bay. After I had calmed down a bit I went back to the drawers, put my torch back on and read on some more so good was the writing. 

The old bean himself. Good smoking jacket.

A dandy at heart. Sherlock's pocket watch.

His jackets above his bed which is rather an odd place to keep them I thought.
So for all you lot reading in London or anywhere for that matter get yourself along to this splendid little piece of our capital, I am sure you can find out his address.