Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I had to tell someone so I picked on you.

I ended up in fine Mayfair hotel yesterday afternoon for a celebratory drink. My cousin Joe, a smashing lad who is still living up north, had just been offered an amazing job in London so I swept him off to the fine establishment for a bottle of bubbles.
We sat down at 3.31pm precisely (one of the main perks of working for yourself is afternoon drinking) and we started chatting about the new job, moving to London and how fantastic life is here in the capital. He is very excited to be coming down and I am over the moon that he is making the journey southwards on the M1 to join us in our quest for fun, stories and laughs (note I didn't say "better life" there as many northerners have amazing lives still in the north just fyi).

After ploughing through our first bottle in no time I had to make a visit to the gents. Now I have been to this English institution on many occasions but I can never remember seeing these shoe protecters at the standing room only bit.

How good are these? I mean I am not a messy chap in the lav's but these are fantastic (I wouldn't fancy the job of cleaning them mind you) and they kept my Oxblood shoes dry and splash free. Quite brilliant I think. Imagine then my joy to turn around and see a hat stand. The dandyist (is that a word? If not it bloody well should be) bathroom I have ever been in bar non. I am going to have to buy a hat to put on that hat stand next time as I am not missing out on this.

So the next time you go to the gents just look around and see if they measure up to this one. I am writing this in a Pret A Manger in central London and I am off to use the facilities. If they don't have splash guard's and a hat stand I am not going to be happy.Wish me luck.