Monday, 17 January 2011


Over the weekend I went to watch The Kings Speech at my local picture house. First of all I do have to say the film itself is fantastic. Colin Firth plays his part with amazing stuttering authority and Geoffrey Rush is just impeccable (as always). Bravo to the british film industry.
As you might imagine I had more than an eye on the men's outfits and there were some beauties. My pick has to be this flannel number worn by Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush).

The swelled edges on the lapel teamed with the bow tie and folded pocket square make it look very 1930's and very acceptable to be worn today. The evening after I had been to see the film I folded my white pocket square just like how its done above and stuffed it in my out breast pocket of my flannel three piece suit. I know I am a lucky chap to have a wardrobe that I can call upon to create these looks but it is a such a good look that I think we should all get on the bandwagon with it.
Bow ties at the ready please gents!