Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Star spangled suit.

I had the pleasure having the majority of the day to myself yesterday (apart from a meeting here and there) and I managed to find myself in that Middle Eastern delight that is Knightsbridge. I gasped at One Hyde Park (tacky, very tacky if you ask me), marvelled at Harrods estate agents and then swooned over the American doing it just as good as any Englishman, Mr T. Ford of course. 
Now I am a purist. Born and raised on Savile Row my morals are rooted in the best of British but I still have to hand it to him he does The Row as good, if not better, than anyone.

Take the suit above for example (I know its been pinned to hell but no one is perfect are they?) the shape of the lapel, the pitch of the sleeve and, my personal favourite, depth of the pocket flaps. I haven't even started on the pattern of the cloth clashing with the tie but it all looks so well put together. Savile Row would frown upon the peak lapel with the two buttons I guess but I rather like it.

The lay out of the concession in Harrods is something like a gentlemen's club and you somehow end up staying longer than you expected as the thick carpet under your feet makes you slow right down and you can almost feel the luxury flowing through the soles of your shoes. Although the area was understaffed I guess having too many Fordite's around would give it an overcrowded feeling and I wouldn't of had time to sneak these pictures in.

£149 for a tie is a bit steep mind you in anyones money and the suits coming in at £2,550 are not that far off going down to Savile Row and getting your own pattern cut for a nice whistle made around you.
It is all about buying into the brand and lifestyle of course and spending £1200 on a shawl collar cardigan might seem steep (it is worth it when you see it believe me).
It pains me to say being as English as Oak but no one does it better than ol' Tom.