Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Family values

We all have our style influences and icons don't we? Steve McQueen, Prince Michael of Kent, Del boy are the obvious ones but one of mine is a lot closer to home. Kenneth, Kenny to his pals, is my Dad and as you can see he is a pretty jazzy dresser and he's always taught me the rights and wrongs of men's style. I knew all along I had parents different from others when I used to play football and see all the Dads and Mums line up on the touchline to watch their young boys kick lumps out of each other. Most sets of parents had the cringe worthy (can't believe I am about to write this word on my blog but here it goes) fleece on over the top of the Middlesbrough home shirt, this stands for both Dads and Mums by the way, but not my folks. Oh no I had my Mother in a bright canary yellow raincoat and Father in a blazer, flannels and tassel loafers. To say they stood out does not really come close.
So here is my Dad just this morning reading the paper (the sport pages of course and Middlesbrough got a good away point at Ipswich on Tuesday night so he was in fine form today) wearing his Gieves and Hawkes cotton trousers, Crockett and Jones dessert boots, Hackett cardigan and Brooks brothers oxford sky blue shirt. I think its fair to say he knows how to put a look together. Well done old man.
Mum, I will do a post for you soon enough as well seen as you and Dad are two of the four people who actually read this blog.
Viva la parents.