Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You'll regret it.

And I already am. My Gieves and Hawkes made to measure tassel loafers are dying, literally, on my feet. I ordered these beauties for the beginning of last summer and to be honest I didn't really get in to them back then but already this spring they have become invaluable which is what I am regretting.
I am a man who isn't afraid to say I like my loafers worn without socks. Yes there you are I have said it and I think all loafers (in the warmer months) should be worn without socks. Now I know the purists of you out there will be gasping with the horror of the sweat that will be pouring into my lovely leather loafs which is no good for them at all but I do use shoes trees (when I remember to put them in and don't just pull my shoes off getting into bed after a few sherbets) and this improves the condition of the whole shoe but look...

Tragedy, cut down in their prime.

they are looking a sorry sight already, no?  I am going to try and breathe new life into these by getting the lovely young chap who does the shoe shining in Number 1 Savile Row (I have forgotten the fella's name) to give them a thorough going over and sorting out. Now here is the clever bit. As you can see these shoes are camel colour I however would now prefer them to look a rich tan so I am going to get our shoe shine supremo to see if he can take the colour down a few notches and give me back, fingers crossed, a new pair of shoes. Well sort of.
I will, of course, get the results of this ground breaking experiment up on here for all to see.
Wish me luck.