Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My mate

Owns this rather cool tailoring company. Since striking out on his own, about a year ago now, he has come such a long way in a rather small space of time. We both cut our teeth together on Savile Row Mr Newell was there sometime before I came along but we instantly had a connection and knew that we had our own ambitions to go elsewhere and make our own mark on the tailoring world.
The latest in a long line of Soho tailoring houses that offer that little something different from The Row, Newell Bespoke is a company that makes sure the customer is always right working with them to get the perfect fit, cut and combination of cloth and lining. Have a look at just some of the pieces Newell has managed to conjure up.

Sky linen blazer with mother of pearl buttons
Newell Bespoke is one company that delivers what it promises (Mr Newell once flew to Italy and back in one day to collect a customers suit as he needed the next day, now that is service), which at the end of the day, is what its all about. Mr Newell has his own personal style, something that is quite different to mine but one thing you cannot say about him is he is badly dressed. The man is as sharp as a dart and in my opinion the best dressed Soho dandy.

Soho gangster chic this one.

So gentleman of London (or anywhere else for that matter) next time you are after a suit that speaks for you make yourself an appointment with my mate Mr Newell.