Tuesday, 3 May 2011

That wedding those people had

Alright, everyone how are we feeling? Long weekend that one wasn't it? Seems like Will and Cath getting hitched was ages ago but sifting through the style debris one thing that caught my eye over everything else was Mr Beckham's choice of shirt.

Now we all know that Becks isn't shy of getting his "tats" out but isn't it a shame when he is invited to the biggest wedding off the century and finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place: get his neck tattoos out and face the tut tutting of the landed gentry or wear a high necked wing collared shirt and... well get tutted at by the landed gentry once more. This shirt is more akin to white tie affairs not weddings and although David comes ever so close to pulling it off it just doesn't sit right at a wedding does it? His lovely smily wife would of had a lot of input in this I suspect but that again drags up the "don't let the Mrs dress you, dress yourself" quandary. This whole outfit is Ralph Lauren purple label and not Tom Ford as many thought. Perfect length of the tails on the jacket and spot on break in the front of the trouser. The O.B.E finishes it off nicely as well just a shame about those tattoos and I am talking from experience here.
A last note on how happy his Mrs looks as well, aww so warm and approachable isn't she?