Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flower power

I was feeling a little "I need to be a bit different" at the weekend so I wracked my brains on what to do. Now granted not all people dress like I do, cream trousers and a pocket square would be more than enough for some, but I felt like I had to go one step further. 

The perfect way to cheer up an outfit is a flower in the lapel buttonhole. Some say that a pocket square and a flower is too much but what do they know? Always pick a fresh flower, of course, and something that co-ordinates with the outfit like my white orchid here. This outfit comprises of navy wool blazer with white mother of pearl buttons, white shirt, cream gaberdine trousers, sky blue socks and tan brogues.

Sky blue cotton socks nicely tie in with the mosaic effect in the pocket square in the first shot. The beard is optional of course. I do apologise for this picture it was taken outside a soho pub at the weekend but I thought I should share it with you all. 

Tara for now.