Friday, 6 May 2011

All white now.

As I have mentioned in a previous post blazer buttons are great way to put a different spin an outfit. In Wednesdays musing I mentioned I was wearing a navy blue blazer with white mother of pearl buttons and didn't put a picture up. Forgive me as I posted that from sitting on the edge of the bed whilst the better half was walking around trying to find something to wear and I was summoned to iron some clothes for her. After working on The Row my ironing skills are a gift but also a burden sometimes. Anyway here is a close up shot of the point I am trying to make.

The jacket is a navy textured wool from the old Gieves by Gieves and Hawkes range and must be 4 years old now. Originally part of a suit but I wrecked the trousers, naturally, so changed the buttons to these so I had something a little more casual in the jacketing department. The white shine coming through is the lining from underneath as the cloth is so loosely woven it shows through on photos. Trust me it doesn't show through in real life (I know this is real life but you get what I mean).
But look at these....

Hotfooting along Savile Row yesterday afternoon I spotted these two rather eye catching jackets. Not quite so sure about the ties on display here but the jackets are lovely and as we can see white buttons. Note how the white in the shirt links in nicely with the white buttons, but this also could be done with a white pocket square or a white collar and cuff shirt.
I think that Willem Alexander, Prince of Orange could have maybe got away with the one on the right for the royal wedding, that teamed with an electric blue trouser?
Lastly but by no means least here is one of my all time favourite brands, Hackett. I had the misfortune of having to fly from Stansted airport last month and when I got through security and the horror of the departure lounge was thrust upon me, it was with great relief that I noticed Hackett had opened a mini shop there. My forty five minute wait flew by as ohhhhed and ahhhed over the fantastic collection that was in there. I stumbled upon this natty piece

Patch pockets, three button cuff and a notch lapel which all work well and as we can see white buttons. On this shot they have tied in the white button with the white stripe in the shirt and set it all off with the slightly off white pocket square. I love this jacket and might have to go and buy it or do I need another blazer? Yes of course I need another blazer, because a man  can never have to many.
Until next time, toodle pip.