Thursday, 2 December 2010

Wax Sealed......

At the weekend I went to see if I could trade up a few notches and join the gentry by taking part in some clay pigeon shooting. I know I have enough in the tweed section of my wardrobe to see this challenge off like a minor royal but l feel like I needed something to finish mine off. So I took off to my local Alladin's cave which is Camden stables market to see if I could find anything that would fit the bill.

 I am not exactly the best vintage shopper. I like my things to be new and only ever bought with me in mind so I knew it was going to take something special to get me excited.  
In my head I had thought of a wax jacket but I wanted to keep away from all the waxed stuff going on in the east end these days but the Easties wear their’s with skinny jeans, no socks and tassle loafers so mine was always going to look old money instead of trust fund bought me my warehouse apartment in Dalston look. I already had most of my outfit nailed down. A dignified look of gingham check shirt, burgundy cashmere tie, green cashmere jumper and mink cords. My green hunter wellies with some newly acquired hunter wellie fleece socks (which I am very glad I bought as it was freezing stood in a field for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon) were to be my footwear of choice.

For those of you that haven’t been before the Stables market is a funny old place and with its many rave shops, ethnic goods stands and fine eateries(!) it is the heart beat of Camden town. I started my search at a vintage store that had a lot of wood but no trees. I knew I was going to have to dig a little bit deeper so I delved into the market (which I alway’s get lost in by the way) and stumbled upon a little alcove store that had loads of wax jackets. I stuck a few on and the lovely lassie who was on the stall told me everyone of them looked perfect (I kept trying on more just to hear her say it) then I found it. I wouldn't usually go for a Gillet but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. I slapped it on over my shawl collar cardi and it felt snug but not tight, looked good and smelt amazing (yep thats right). I had to barter the young girl down some as my size is more expensive apparently (I am small so the size is rare to find) and it was a real Barbour but she threw a scarf in for free. Here I am stood on the right here with two fine fellow friends of mine.

A flat cap my Mrs gave me and the outfit was complete. The beard of course helped the whole look as well. 

It turns out I am awful at shooting so I wont be doing that again anytime soon but don't rule out bumping into me walking round Regents park in the outfit above. I have taken to dressing like country folk like a clay Duck to water.