Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Keep cool in the cold

So we all know that it s freezing cold and because of this we have to layer up to keep warm and our noses from running but this doesn't mean we can all use this as an excuse to hide behind the big coat and boots and blame our sartorial deficiencies on old Jack Frost.
This outfit was put together as I was sick of just wearing the usual boring drab colours of the season so I livened it up a bit with the good old yellow cords (love them or hate them you WILL have an opinion on them). These bad boys are from Ralph last season but they have done them again this year which is great news. I can have a pair for best and a pair for mooching around in (my Mum will be proud using a pair for best. Best is going to Grandmas house, Christmas day or lunch with someone she would like to impress)

The blazer is a single button jacket from an old three piece suit of mine which I wore to death so I asked an old chum of mine to change the buttons over. I have never had a navy blazer with brass buttons before and I have to say they are very versatile and a key piece of any mans wardrobe.