Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Prince or Pauper?

Alright? Good. Well here it is the suit that launched a thousand suits. I would love to know how many tailors and men's outfitters have had orders placed because of the suit above. It is of course Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair and the cloth is a grey Prince of Wales (P.O.W) check. I myself went straight out and ordered the above suit. I was even lucky enough for my grandfather to give me his pocket watch which was coming to me any by way of inheritance but as soon as he saw the suit he knew it needed the finishing touch regardless whether he had popped his clogs or not (he did pop his clogs by the way about 4 months later. He is where I get all my dandyisms from).
So my suit arrived and of course it became my favourite straight away. I wore it for work, nights out and pretty much everything else and subsequently cut the life of the suit massively. 

Now five years on, and that particular suit "retired", I have a double breasted flannel P.O.W suit (which I am sat in now posting from a coffee shop off Carnaby Street) and a single breasted P.O.W suit (above picture). The check is so easy to put things together with it. Here I have a green cashmere tie, pink check white collar and cuff shirt and pink paisley pocket square. The suit is a mens wardrobe staple and folks should not be afraid of it at all. Its way more interesting than a black (I hate black by the way) suit which a lot of chaps think is a staple. I made the mistake of having my first ever made to measure suit a black one as  thought "All men need a black suit, don't they?" No they don't but thats another post altogether.
Anyway I have just ordered a three piece Fox flannel P.O.W suit so grandad Shepherd's watch can get back in action. I hope he is glad i am putting it to proper Dandy use.